Data Security: The Changes – UKFast Round Table

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As data breaches get become more prevalent in the news businesses are under more pressure than ever to ensure that their data is secure.With the tech landscape ever changing has the approach to storing data changed or have old habits given the advantage to the hackers and social engineers?

Our round table panel get to grips with changing attitudes to data security and how businesses can keep themselves and their clients data safe.

This week’s panel are:

Andy Collins – OmniCyber Security
Dr Ali Dehghantanha – University of Salford
Dr Danny Dresner – University of Manchester
Andy Hague – UKFast
Dr Rob Hegarty – MMU
Paul Simpson – First Capital Cashflow

The Data Security round table was hosted by Jonathan Bowers at the UKFast Campus, Manchester.

Duration: 2:54
Publisher: UKFast
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