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In Part 3 of “”Customer Experience and Data Strategy”” Khendr’a Reid, Principal Data Strategy Tech Specialist at AWS, wrap our conversation with Hara Gavriliadi, Senior Customer Experience Strategist at AWS, and Dwayne Browne, Principal Data Strategy Tech Specialist at AWS, discussing the AWS services that can help an organization
with improving their Customer Experience.

00:00 – 00:59 – Introduction
00:59 – 3:30 – What services does AWS offer to help with Customer Exeperience?
03:30 – 05:00 – Discussion of Hara and Dwayne e-books “”Innovating with Data”” and “”Omnichannel Customer Expereince””
05:00 – 05:22 – Closing

About Data Strategy Unravelled:
A New Vantage study found 97% of blue-chip companies are investing in data, yet only 27% have successfully created a data driven organization. Data Strategy Unravelled is a video series intended to help organizations become data-driven. This series interviews experienced professionals from both the business and technical realms to discuss topics and strategies that organizations can implement to become data-driven.

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