DataBank, Corsa Security Collaborate to Deliver Virtual Firewalls


With the help of automated firewall virtualization provider Corsa Security, data center colocation firm DataBank can now quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deploy, expand, and optimize its Palo Alto Networks ML-powered VM-Series Virtual Next-Generation Firewalls.

Now, DataBank can provide its clients in a number of markets with a streamlined and scalable managed virtual firewall service (VFS). Additionally, the data center colocation provider can use the platform to provide new cybersecurity services, opening up more opportunities in the future.

“We are finding a growing number of customers who no longer want to own and manage physical firewalls,” said Jeremy Pease, Senior Vice President of Managed Services Operations at DataBank. “The challenge for us was to quickly expand our existing managed virtual firewall offering to additional geographic markets as our business has grown rapidly over the last 12 months.”

VM-Series Virtual Firewalls

“With our Corsa Security Orchestrator, DataBank can now automatically manage Palo Alto Networks VM-Series Virtual Firewalls on a per customer basis according to individual enterprise requirements,” said Eduardo Cervantes, CEO at Corsa Security. “We look forward to helping more and more of DataBank’s customers realize the business agility possible with managed virtual firewalls.”

DataBank’s Corsa Security solution makes use of intelligent orchestration and automation to “quickly, easily, and affordably” provide a hosted, managed VFS. The Corsa Security Orchestrator software, a single gateway for virtual firewall deployment, scaling, and optimization across globally dispersed data centers, is at the core of the system.

To display system health, server resource allocation, infrastructure, and network consumption, it aggregates the view from many VM-Series Virtual Firewalls. The Orchestrator, which is built on a straightforward user interface, streamlines all the complicated tasks involved in running on-premises virtual firewalls so that a customer support team may add more with a single click.

“Palo Alto Networks provides enterprise class security capabilities delivered through a variety of virtualized form factors to meet the needs of customers at every step of their digital transformation journey,” said Mukesh Gupta, vice president, product management, Palo Alto Networks. “The VM-Series Virtual Firewalls along with flexible licensing models enable seamless elasticity to satisfy constantly changing business needs and objectives.”