MongoDB, a New York-based database as a service company with more than 4,900 customers in over 85 countries, has announced the availability of MongoDB Atlas on AWS Marketplace. The database platform provider is also announcing several technology advancements for its cloud database service.

MongoDB Atlas launched in the summer of 2016 as a fully-managed cloud service for MongoDB on AWS. Now it is available across 14 AWS cloud regions. The new availability of MongoDB Atlas on AWS Marketplace would make it easier for established Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) customers to buy and consume MongoDB Atlas. The cost of MongoDB Atlas will be integrated into a customer’s AWS bill, resulting in a single payment.

“Since MongoDB Atlas first launched on AWS, it has become a popular way for customers to run one of the leading NoSQL databases,” said Barry Russell, General Manager of Worldwide Business Development, AWS Marketplace and Service Catalog, Amazon Web Services. “Our customers want easy-to-deploy SaaS solutions and the availability of MongoDB’s solution on AWS Marketplace allows the more than 160,000 active customers using software from AWS Marketplace to drive innovation and improve performance with integrated billing directly on AWS Marketplace.”

Multi Data Center Configurations

With the announcement of MongoDB 3.6 in November 2017, the newest version of this database platform, MongoDB has unveiled cross-region replication for MongoDB Atlas. This would allow customers to “easily” build globally-distributed applications without the hassle of managing complex, multi-data center configurations. Using cross-region replication, customers would be able to maintain continuous availability in the unlikely event of a cloud region outage and “ensure a great customer experience by locating data close to users for fast, responsive access.”

“AWS nailed the importance of making it easy to consume and pay for cloud services, which are driving transformative innovations across many organizations,” said Sahir Azam, Vice President of Cloud, MongoDB. “Our latest go-to-market partnership with AWS will help bring MongoDB Atlas to the massive ecosystem of AWS marketplace customers.”

New Cloud Database Features

MongoDB Atlas includes deep monitoring and alerting capabilities that would give teams complete visibility into the performance of their managed databases, allowing them to anticipate issues and proactively take the necessary steps to ensure an optimal experience for end customers. Now, MongoDB is also announcing new features for MongoDB Atlas that would make it easier to efficiently optimize deployments, reduce costs and scale. These new features would include:

  • Automated index suggestions with the new Performance Advisor would give customers a “quick and simple” way to see how to improve query performance without adding additional infrastructure resources. The Performance Advisor displays slow-running queries and automatically generates index suggestions to help improve their performance. This would ensure that teams are best utilizing the resources they’ve provisioned, helping drive better performance at no additional cost.
  • Storage auto-scaling would make MongoDB management and capacity planning easier. Enabled by default for all dedicated clusters, this new feature automatically provisions additional storage capacity when customers reach preset utilization thresholds. Storage auto-scaling would occur in the background, without causing any impact to database or application availability.