Launches On-Demand Colocation Services Model for Hybrid Cloud, an exceptionally ambitious data center provider that paid over $500,000 to buy its domain name while planning a targeted global roll-out of large-scale colocation data centers, unveils its on-demand colocation services model designed to scale, Start Direct Cabinets. With a month-to-month contract and no minimum term, the pay-as-you-go colocation offering provides cloud-like elasticity including highly flexible power and connectivity options.

Last week, announced the official opening of its ‘green’ Amsterdam flagship colocation data center, AMS1 – the company’s first facility that will total 54.000 square feet (5.000 square meters) of colocation data center space upon completion. The Amsterdam data center features a unique, highly energy-efficient data center setup with indirect adiabatic cooling technologies and a calculated pPUE figure of 1.04. Today, announces the go-to-market strategy for their globally planned data center services operations. With this pay-as-you-go colocation offering featuring terms of contract flexibility, intends to do things completely differently in the global data center services market.

The new offering, Start Direct Cabinets, provides customers the opportunity to gain the benefits of enterprise-grade, pay-as-you-go colocation services on a flexible 30-day contract term. This colocation offering comes with flexible connectivity contracts as well, through which customers are enabled to easily adjust to changing networking requirements and public cloud platform access (such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Oracle Cloud). The pay-as-you-go colocation offering with short-term commitments would help customers respond quickly to any shift in business requirements.

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‘Innovative Approach’ expects its Start Direct Cabinets to seamlessly fit the hybrid cloud requirements of a broad portfolio of potential customers including Cloud Services Providers (CSPs), Enterprises, SMBs, Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Systems Integrators (SIs), and Internet Services Providers (ISPs). Start Direct Cabinets would cater to the needs of end-users as well as channel partners seeking highly flexible, low-risk investments.

“As our colocation business is founded by some industry veterans, we are aware that long-term colocation data center contracts are no longer convenient,” said Jochem Steman, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of “With the launch of Start Direct Cabinets, is responding to these cloud-like flexibility requirements. Next, to our ultra energy efficient and highly modular thus scalable data center infrastructure, the introduction of Start Direct Cabinets is yet another example reflecting’s innovative approach to deploying enterprise-grade colocation services.”

Capabilities of Start Direct Cabinets include:

  • Flexible colocation services – Pay-as-you-go install with a month-to-month contract, no minimum term.
  • Flexible power configurations – low to high-density options (from 3.68kW to 7kW)
  • High-volume racks available – 54U cabinets (1200mm deep x 600mm wide)
  • Multiple connectivity options – users may select their individual networking infrastructure, including Internet feeds, cross-connects, et cetera.
  • Managed engineering services – remote hands, 24×7 staffing onsite, et cetera.

Built in several phases,’s new colocation data center marks the beginning of a global facility rollout in selected markets. Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Southeast business district featuring one of the highest fiber densities in the world, the new facility is engineered to deliver 2N critical power redundancy. This would allow for concurrent maintenance without interruption.

-read further after the picture- Inside AMS1 -1Phase 1 of this carrier-neutral data center facility in Amsterdam provides 19.500 square feet (1.800 square meters) of net technical colocation space. On top of its high energy-efficiency (pPUE: 1.04), AMS1 is running entirely (100%) on green power generated from renewable resources, which would keep their environmental footprint to a minimum. Over 60% of phase 1 has already been pre-let to a variety of leading customers among which many cloud providers.

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SaaS Models, Channel Partners

“The global colocation market has been quite a static business until now, nothing much has changed actually in the last couple of years,” added Jochem Steman. “ definitely wants to shake up things a bit, with innovative colocation solutions that really meet current data center services requirements. Where companies within IT segments such as storage and server infrastructure have already adapted their delivery models to dynamic cloud requirements quite some time ago, the colocation market still hasn’t. A 36-months colocation contract is a contract term that is still quite commonly offered, where storage-as-a-service and bare metal server providers deliver their services on-demand with monthly subscriptions. Being a market challenger, now starts offering monthly colocation subscriptions that are cancellable anytime.”

The new offering would fit’s strategy of being a channel-minded company. “Start Direct Cabinets provide channel partners the opportunity to easily transform their businesses into cloud-ready services organizations,” added Mr. Steman. “With monthly cancellation options, our colocation offering is fully aligned with flexibility requirements set by cloud consuming end-customers. Next to that, Start Direct Cabinets also cater to the needs of channel partners seeking highly flexible, low-risk investments.”

Beyond Hybrid Cloud Needs

Apart from hybrid cloud users,’s new colocation offering would meet flexibility needs in a variety of situations including:

  • Example 1 – During an acquisition, a company may temporarily need more colocation space, power capacity and (cloud) connectivity. After completing the acquisition processes, this company doesn’t need the extra colocation and connectivity infrastructure anymore. A flexible colocation and connectivity contract would fit these requirements.
  • Example 2 – Startups, as well as enterprises, may want to expand their services to other parts of the world. In these cases, long-term colocation commitments cannot always be given due to business continuity uncertainties abroad. Instead of being required to sign a multi-year contract, a flexible colocation contract would help these companies out.


As an extremely ambitious carrier-neutral data center provider, has scheduled the rollout of several large-scale, flexible colocation data centers worldwide in the coming years. Headquartered in Cyprus, will start with the delivery of colocation services from its premises in Amsterdam. This flagship data center, AMS1, represents the first phase in an ambitious targeted rollout. It spans 54.000 sq. ft. and features a calculated, highly energy-efficient pPUE of 1.04. Other locations worldwide are soon to follow.’s investors have committed themselves to invest heavily in state-of-the-art data center infrastructure – to meet the market’s growing need for energy efficient, highly interconnected and modular colocation facilities, in which organizations can flexibly and securely host their critical IT infrastructure while cloud computing needs are addressed.’s customized, reliable and innovative data center solutions are accompanied with the company’s best-in-class customer support.