Datacenter One Selects ADVA ConnectGuard Encryption to Protect Customer Data

ADVADatacenter One, a company that operates and builds turnkey data centers within six to nine months for clients who need colocation space above 500 square meters, has selected ADVA’s FSP 3000 with ConnectGuard encryption technology to provide a secured data center interconnect (DCI) network for one of its major financial clients.

As a German company that plans, operates and builds turn-key data centers at a client’s preferred location, Datacenter One has deployed the optical transport platform to enable secure 100Gbit/s Carrier Ethernet and Fiber Channel connectivity between the financial customer’s main data centers.

The deployment would safeguard the financial services company’s critical data through encryption at the lowest network layer. This would be key as it protects every bit of data while in transit and even prevents it from being accessed if intercepted. Also crucial to Datacenter One’s choice of solution is the ADVA FSP 3000’s scalability. This enables further capacity increases as data requirements continue to grow.

“At Datacenter One, we always aim at a solution that perfectly fits our client’s needs. By leveraging ADVA’s technology, we’ve been able to engineer such a solution,” said Markus Binder, founder and managing director, Datacenter One. “With its flexible modular architecture, it’s also hugely scalable, helping us ensure that the client’s new network is primed for future expansion. ADVA’s in-flight data security solution is fully integrated into the transport gear so no extra equipment is required. This type of physical layer encryption is the toughest possible defense against ever-more sophisticated fiber-tapping and intrusion techniques. It keeps latency at its lowest possible levels while protecting every network layer, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This means our client can enjoy peace of mind as well as the freedom to concentrate on its core business.”

DCI Infrastructure

Built on the ADVA FSP 3000 optical transport solution, the new DCI infrastructure is protected by network encryption at the physical layer. This would be one of the most robust security methods available today but also one that maximizes throughput and ensures the lowest possible latency. What’s more, it would virtually have no impact on cost, power, size or complexity.

With its Advanced Encryption Standards algorithm, dynamic key exchange and separated encryption domain management, ADVA’s ConnectGuard is compliant with the most stringent regulatory requirements. The strict separation of encryption domain management gives the user total control so it can manage security-related functions independently of Datacenter One for maximum integrity.

“Our ConnectGuard technology has been adopted widely across the globe for its robust data security capabilities. It’s currently protecting hundreds of networks, including some of the world’s leading financial institutions,” said Josef Sißmeir, VP, sales, Central Europe, ADVA. “The rapid increase in cybercrime has made security a major concern in every industry but none more so than the insurance and finance sector. By utilizing our technology, Datacenter One is giving its client the strongest and most comprehensive data defense available. With its protection on the physical layer, our FSP 3000 offers a new level of resilience and security in DCI networks. It really is the strongest response available to the constantly evolving threat of cyber attacks.”