Datadog Releases Application Performance Monitoring Solution

Datadog, a monitoring service for dynamic cloud environments, has announced the release of a new Application Performance Monitoring (APM) extension to its platform. This APM solution is specifically built to help devops teams quickly troubleshoot issues in complex, distributed applications that use hybrid clouds, microservices or containers.

“Most APM tools on the market today are designed to troubleshoot coding issues in isolation,” said Amit Agarwal, Chief Product Officer, Datadog. “However, in modern cloud-scale applications, quickly resolving problems requires examining changes in both the infrastructure and code simultaneously.”

datadog cloud monitoringDatadog’s APM solution supports a variety of use cases, including performance optimization and outage diagnosis to reduce the impact of costly downtime for large-scale users.

Highlights of this Application Performance Monitoring Solution would include:

  • Quick installation via a hosted SaaS solution that works out of the box
  • Automatic tracing of individual requests from end to end across hosts and services
  • Flame graphs for quickly and accurately identifying the most frequently used code paths
  • Easily customizable dashboards for data aggregation and correlation
  • Built-in collaboration between teams spanning dev and ops organizations
  • Smart alerting via email, SMS and cloud-based collaboration tools
  • Machine-learning based anomaly detection
  • Transparent tag-based aggregation of performance data from microservices, containers and ephemeral hosts

Datadog’s APM offering is now in beta for select Datadog customers. Pricing has not yet been announced. To request beta access, visit the Datadog website here.

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