Datadog Releases Enhanced Monitoring for Serverless Applications in AWS

Monitoring and analytics platform for cloud environments, Datadog has announced end-to-end monitoring for AWS Lambda functions. This capability would be the result of a new integration with AWS X-Ray, which traces serverless calls while they run on AWS-operated infrastructure.

Traces from AWS X-Ray, as well as metrics and logs data from Lambda functions, are available in a new serverless-centric user interface called Datadog Cloud Functions. Both of these new features are available for public beta.

“Serverless applications are rapidly becoming an important part of our customers’ environments, with significant growth in adoption since AWS Lambda was released,” said Daniel Langer, Product Manager at Datadog. “We are expanding our capabilities to enable customers to successfully monitor and troubleshoot serverless applications in Datadog, beginning with Cloud Functions.”

DevOps Teams

“The Arc Publishing Platform relies on serverless architectures to scale quickly and cost-effectively, but we struggled to find monitoring solutions that compare to our other cloud architectures,” said Zach Perry, Director of Platform Engineering at The Washington Post. “Datadog’s new serverless monitoring capabilities allow us to reliably monitor all of our cloud architectures in AWS.”

While serverless functions can simplify development and scaling in certain areas of an application, they have also introduced significant complexity in performance monitoring. AWS Lambda runs on AWS-operated infrastructure where traditional instrumentation methods cannot be deployed. Without insight into this infrastructure, DevOps teams would face blind spots where performance issues can occur for applications that rely on AWS Lambda.

Datadog X-Ray Integration

AWS X-Ray offers end-to-end views of requests as they travel through an application. Datadog’s new X-Ray integration would be able to specifically trace AWS Lambda functions as they execute. These Lambda traces are then combined with log and metric data from Datadog’s hybrid cloud monitoring platform, spanning many other services, application components, and infrastructure areas. This data is made available in the new Cloud Functions user interface, where customers can drill down into a single Lambda function and unearth bottlenecks and errors from individual requests.

According to Gartner, “CIOs and application leaders are under pressure to deliver software more quickly by building scalable platforms, architectures and processes that put delivery back into the hands of the developers. Unlike the past, when developers had limited influence over infrastructure and operations (I&O), there has been a renaissance in terms of new techniques (e.g., DevOps) and technologies (e.g., OS containers and serverless platforms) that are bridging the gap between the development and I&O organizations, as well as empowering developers in their infrastructure choices.”

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