Datadog’s Application Security Monitoring Now Generally Available

To break down silos between security and operations teams, Datadog has launched its Application Security Monitoring (ASM) product. Now generally available, ASM employs distributed tracing to assist security, development, and operations teams in detecting code-level vulnerabilities such as server-side request forgeries (SSRFs), SQL injections, and cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Applications are a common source of data breaches today. According to Forrester’s The State of Application Security, 2021, ‘Applications remain a top cause of external breaches, and the prevalence of open source, API, and containers only adds complexity to the security team.’

By detecting and exploiting flaws in the code, security risks are increasingly focusing on gaining access to data through an organization’s applications, stated Datadog. These attacks get around traditional perimeter-based security systems, which can’t tell the difference between a legitimate application request and one that’s a security concern.

According to Datadog, the demand for application security solutions that break through silos between security, development, and operations teams is growing significantly as software architectures become more sophisticated.

Distributed tracing is used by Datadog ASM to give end-to-end context, allowing enterprises to detect threats more precisely and respond faster. This holistic view, when combined with the Datadog Cloud Security Platform’s additional features such as Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Workload Security (CWS), and Cloud SIEM, would offer teams with actionable insights that may speed up remediation and increase collaboration.

Detecting Attacks

“Applications are frequent sources of data breaches because security solutions have not kept pace with modern attacks, which focus on exploiting software code vulnerabilities,” said Pierre Betouin, Vice President of Product, Cloud Security Platform at Datadog. “Legacy, perimeter-based security solutions cannot adequately address the complexity of today’s advanced software architectures, which greatly increase the number of applications, APIs and services that must be monitored. We believe the answer is to use distributed tracing to more accurately detect attacks that expose organizations to risk. This approach helps teams get visibility on authenticated attacks and those that trigger code-level anomalies, ultimately helping them collaborate and respond to threats more quickly.”

Application Security Monitoring is based on Datadog’s acquisition of Sqreen in April 2021, which has been completely integrated into the Datadog Cloud Security Platform to give a unified user experience and expanded capabilities.