DataON Storage Unveils S2D-3000 Solutions Certified for the Windows Server Software-Defined (WSS) Program

DataON, a provider of hyper-converged cluster appliances (HCCA) and storage systems optimized for Microsoft Windows Server environments, announces three DataON Storage Spaces Direct solutions that have achieved Microsoft Windows Server Software-Defined (WSSD) program certification.

Windows Server 2016 would offer a range of competitive and differentiated capabilities to enable lower-cost, cloud scale Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC) scenarios. The goal of the Microsoft WSSD program is to ensure that customers have a seamless deployment and steady-state operational experience on validated hardware. 

The DataON Storage Spaces Direct solutions that have achieved Microsoft WSSD program certification include:

  • S2D-3216pw – IOPS-optimized solution with NVMe SSDs achieving over 2.6M IOPS in a 4-node cluster
  • S2D-3224iw – Performance-optimized solution with all-flash SSDs for maximum flexibility in a 4-node cluster
  • S2D-3240iw – Density-optimized solution with all-flash SSDs in an all-in-one cluster

windows azure cloud hosting“Being focused on customers who have made the ‘Microsoft choice’ to deploy a Windows Server-based storage solution, DataON has deployed over 100PB of Storage Spaces Direct storage in the field,” said Howard Lo, vice president of sales and marketing, DataON. “We are excited to expand and deepen our relationship with Microsoft with Storage Spaces Direct solutions that are certified under the WSSD program. Customers will have greater confidence for seamless deployments and steady-state operational experience.” 

The DataON WSSD solutions are built to optimize the full stack of Microsoft Storage Spaces Direct in a hyper-converged platform. It is designed with integrated compute, network and storage infrastructure with near-linear scalability to simplify and maximize the deployment of Microsoft applications, virtualization, data protection and hybrid cloud services. These pre-configured 4-node clusters would be capable of supporting 40 Hyper-V VMs per node, for expanded capacity and operational flexibility.

The DataON WSSD solutions integrated with MUST (Management Utility Software Tool) visibility and management software would deliver:

  • Preconfigured 4-node HCCA Clusters – Expanded performance and capacity with scalability and operational flexibility.
  • Application Performance – The four-cluster node solution would be capable of providing over 2.6 million IOPS (running VM Fleet) using the latest all-flash Intel NVMe-based SSD technology to scale IOPS intensive workloads.
  • Maximum Capacity Utilization – The capacity-optimized solution with four cluster nodes would be capable of providing up to 50TB of capacity using the latest Intel NVMe-based SSD technology.
  • Hyper-V Virtualization Hosting – Each solution can support more than 40 Hyper-V virtual machines per node, with up to 16 nodes per cluster.
  • Storage and Networking with SMB 3.0 over RDMA – Would deliver high throughput, low latency and increase CPU efficiency.
  • Hyper-Converged Scalability – Incremental compute, networking, and storage resources provides near-linear scalability.
  • Automated Deployment – Automated out-of-the-box workflows accelerate time to deployment for Windows Server 2016 Storage Spaces Direct environments.
  • Integrated Data Protection and Guarded Fabric – Fully supports Windows Server 2016 with Shielded VM and TPM 2.0 trusted attestation for security and business continuity.
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