DataOps Platform Provider Accelario Secures $10M in Funding


Accelario, a pioneer in DataOps that helps accelerate digital transformation while removing the ‘database bottleneck,’ has secured $10 million in its most recent funding round, bringing its total funding to date to $16 million. With DataOps and test data management solutions for DevOps and databases, Accelario would quicken the speed of innovation and delivery.

Photo Eyal Arbel, CEO and co-founder of Accelario
“Our technology is revolutionizing the way organizations move, access, use, and manage databases in real time, across any environment,” said Eyal Arbel, CEO and co-founder of Accelario.

Accelario’s Continuous DataOps Platform offers teams access to high-quality, privacy-compliant data while streamlining complicated IT procedures and removing DevOps bottlenecks. By ‘shifting left’ software testing, which shortens the application delivery cycle and enhances software quality, Accelario would provide quicker time to market.

“Accelario is doing for data what virtual machines did for computing,” said Eyal Arbel, CEO and co-founder of Accelario. “Our technology is revolutionizing the way organizations move, access, use, and manage databases in real time, across any environment, removing the burden of data delivery from the DBA while speeding development, testing, and analytics.”

The new funding will go into client support, international sales expansion, and the development of new products.

Data Virtualization, Data Masking

Databases are the final remaining impediment in software development that is removed by Accelario’s Continuous DataOps Platform. Data management teams may use Accelario to automatically access, virtualize, alter, and protect any data while preserving strict regulatory and privacy compliance for personally identifiable information (PII) data through extensive data masking. This is crucial since, according to various regulatory standards, 70 percent of businesses’ sensitive data is not safeguarded.

Due to the emergence of microservices, the data refresh cycle is becoming shorter and more frequent, necessitating the management of multiple database environments by the IT team. However, making, masking, and updating physical copies costs time, which Accelario would save.

International companies use Accelario’s DataOps Platform to promote innovation, enhance the quality of software products, and quicken delivery times through increased application release velocity. Data virtualization, synthetic data, data masking, and data copy are the four modules offered by the Accelario platform.

Reliable database copies must be accessible across a variety of platforms in hybrid and multi-cloud setups. By generating endless virtual database environments, Accelario helps save cloud, storage, and administrative expenses while guaranteeing that software development and QA teams can always access the appropriate data at the appropriate moment. Users of Accelario may handle data as code thanks to the solution, which would foster agility.