Datarealm Introduces High Performance SSD VPS Hosting

Datarealm, a provider of virtual VPS hosting, founded by three University of Pennsylvania students back in 1995, has announced the introduction of a new range of high-performance SSD-powered virtual private servers. The new SSD VPS plans will include all the features of Datarealm’s current range of VPS hosting, but with the added option to accelerate servers with significantly faster Solid State Drives.

Solid State Drives offer substantial performance improvements over legacy spinning disk technology, particularly for applications that require high-performance I/O. SSD’s are able to read, write, and access data orders of magnitude more quickly than hard disk drives. Database and file system access is enhanced, data throughput is improved, and the storage medium no longer act as a bottleneck that degrades the performance of other system components. The result is more responsive websites and eCommerce stores.

Datarealm’s own data center in Phoenix, AZ, with SSAE-16 Type II certification.

“SSDs offer more than a theoretical improvement to server performance and responsiveness,” said Andrew Auderieth, CEO of Datarealm. “Lower latencies translate directly to better user experience, and better user experience has a direct impact on conversion rates, search engine performance, and revenue for online publishers, retailers, and service providers.”

Among the most popular options for Datarealm clients is the dual CPU VPS plan with 2GB of RAM, 20 GB of spinning disk storage, and 2 TB of traffic bandwidth. This plan has been updated to include 30 GB of storage. SSD upgrades are available across the entire range of Datarealm virtual private server plans.

Datarealm’s data centers are located in Arizona and include redundant power, cooling, and a multi-homed blend of Tier-1 bandwidth providers for high availability and stability.