DataRobot AI Cloud Released to Easily Build AI-Powered Applications

A single platform for the next generation of intelligent business has been revealed by DataRobot, dubbed DataRobot AI Cloud. As a single platform, DataRobot AI Cloud would enable every business to bring AI to production faster. For DataRobot AI Cloud, DataRobot has introduced additional features and capabilities to improve operations in production and make it easier to develop AI-powered apps that offer important business insights.

DataRobot AI Cloud has been built for today’s challenges and opportunities facing organizations. In addition to bringing different data and users together, the platform’s increased collaboration and continuous optimization across the full AI lifecycle would allow data scientists, IT operators, and business analysts of all levels to work together.

DataRobot AI Cloud is a multi-cloud platform that enables companies to run on any mix of public clouds, data centers, or at the edge, with governance to safeguard and secure business operations.

To sum up, DataRobot AI Cloud would deliver the following unique advantages to organizations:

  • Single platform for all users, unifying data scientists, analytics experts, IT and the business
  • Single view of all data from any source, any type
  • Unified, end-to-end platform across the AI lifecycle
  • Clear and trusted business outcomes
  • Deployed and operated at scale on any cloud, in the data center, and at the edge
  • Modular and extensible, building on existing investments in applications, infrastructure, and IT operations systems

“AI will reshape every industry, every business service, every customer interaction,” said Dan Wright, CEO of DataRobot. “DataRobot AI Cloud captures insights and learnings from years of technological innovation and partnering closely with our customers, enabling users of all skill sets to deliver more models, faster, and drive unprecedented business value with AI.”

“The AI market is rapidly evolving, reflecting the changing needs of customers and increased demands for mission-critical intelligent business services,” said Ritu Jyoti, Group Vice President, Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation Research Practice Global AI Research Lead of IDC. “Our methodology for building and running AI has to meet these needs, to deliver a cloud fabric that connects diverse data and users with enhanced foresight into business decisions, deployed to any environment. DataRobot AI Cloud is uniquely positioned in the scope and scale it offers to meet these evolving opportunities and deliver a foundation for AI in the future.”

DataRobot CEO - Dan Wright
“AI will reshape every industry, every business service, every customer interaction,” said Dan Wright, CEO of DataRobot.