DBaaS Provider Compose Expands MongoDB Hosting Options with DigitalOcean

Compose, a Multi Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) provider with its main offices located in San Mateo, California and Birmingham, Alabama, has expanded their partnership with cloud hosting provider DigitalOcean. Compose, formerly known as MongoHQ, has now deployed its MongoDB-as-a-Service platform to additional DigitalOcean data centers in San Francisco and London.

mongodb-databasesThe move is in response to demand for Compose’s auto-scaling MongoDB service with DigitalOcean’s SSD backed hosting, which has been growing since Compose announced its partnership with cloud hosting provider DigitalOcean and initial deployment to its NYC data center.

By expanding its presence to San Francisco and London, Compose is able to better serve the thriving startup communities in the U.S. and UK, while addressing latency issues for European DigitalOcean cloud users, as well as U.S. companies with European operations or roadmaps.

New York City, San Francisco, London

The collaboration between the two companies would allow developers to take advantage of a streamlined and cost effective way to safely and responsibly deploy, host and scale MongoDB databases in a cloud hosting environment, for DigitalOcean users in New York City, San Francisco and London.

“We realize that the needs of developers are constantly evolving”, said Kurt Mackey, CEO of Compose. “By expanding our partnership with DigitalOcean, we can better meet the needs of customers that are looking to derive the full benefits of MongoDB in a worry-free environment without the complications of spinning up a new server, or the concerns of time, resources and risk associated with leveraging a new database.”

Earlier this month, in recognition of its expansion beyond MongoDB to being a multi-DBaaS supplier, MongoHQ officially changed its name to Compose. The company operates a fully managed platform to deploy, host and scale MongoDB and Elasticsearch databases. Compose also has partnerships with other cloud hosting providers among which SoftLayer, AWS and GoGrid.