DCI To Build New 20MW Data Center in Canberra, Australia

DCI Data Centers Canberra

Australian data center builder, owner and operator, DCI Data Centers, has secured land and power to build a 20MW, TIER-III, Zone 3+, secured cloud edge data center that will serve the Canberra market in Australia. The new data center in Canberra is called DCI CBR01.

This new facility, located in the Poplars Innovation Precinct (Precinct), Jerrabomberra, would be the first to comply with the Commonwealth’s mandate to provide geographical and supply chain diversity for government and public cloud workloads at scale, according to DCI Data Centers Chair and Brookfield Managing Director Udhay Mathialagan.

“This new data center is the first site to offer true resiliency in power provision that not only answers a call from the government to support their cloud first Strategy, but will provide unparalleled security for our customers,” said Udhay Mathialagan. “It will also be one of the major contributors in driving urban development within the new Precinct.”

DCI says it is one of the first to commit to the Precinct which has a focus on defense, space, cyber-security, and high-tech manufacturing sectors.

DCI’s Australian Strategic Expansion Strategy

The CBR01 will run on a different grid than Canberra. Due to a multi-party agreement and investment between DCI, Poplars, and other power users, Essential Energy will construct a new 132kV powerline to Poplars, unlocking the site’s growth potential and removing obstacles for additional like-minded firms to establish themselves in the Precinct.

“This separate grid will support cloud services and provides resilience for the Canberra market and Capital Region,” added Mr. Mathialagan. “It also means that with our commitment to the site, we will expedite the development of the Precinct which will positively impact the region for future generations.”

The purposeful placement of their fleet of highly certified data centers in Sydney, Adelaide, Darwin, and now the wider Canberra area, according to Malcolm Roe, DCI’s CEO for Australia and New Zealand, completes DCI’s Australian strategic expansion strategy to offer a protective ring around the country.

“We are delighted to announce that CBR01 closes the loop with the Canberra and Capital Region at our core,” said Malcolm Roe. “We have been aggressively implementing our growth strategy over the last two years which will inject $1.5bn into the Australian economy and transform the way we work into the future.

Sustainable Data Center Technologies

Eight data halls, specialized secure offices, and storage space will be located throughout the 4.0 hectare site of the new data center, which will initially have a capacity of 20MW. Because to the unique data center design’s integration of environmentally friendly technology and building techniques, new client requests can be satisfied quickly and effectively.

“Our approach to construction has a laser focus on sustainability, including industry-leading delivery of new cooling technologies which significantly enhance our Power and Water Utilization effectiveness,” added Mr. Roe. “This allows our customers to achieve a substantial reduction in energy costs and environmental emissions. Our growing Australian data center footprint will be in the region of 100MW by 2024.”