DCIM: An Operator’s Perspective, Digital Realty

In this keynote from Uptime Institute Symposium, Digital Realty’s David Schirmacher provides a historical perspective on the impact of DCIM on the data center industry, including highlights of the tools and processes operators have used to manage data centers. Specific focus will be placed on the challenges as well as the gaps in data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tools observed by the industry. Mr. Shirmacher will cover the “data” challenge and provide insight to what is available to operators, including solutions that are useful, scalable, and provide adequate management functionality. The system requirements and organizational needs driving the selection of DCIM solutions will be discussed alongside the need to provide an integrated view of information to a broad range of users, specifically crossing the facilities/IT border. The presentation will conclude with a discussion of effective deployment to meet a real world requirement and a peak into the future of DCIM.

For more information: http://symposium.uptimeinstitute.com/

Duration: 49:39
Publisher: Uptime Institute
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