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A DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service attack uses thousands of infected systems, focusing their requests onto a service to prevent genuine requests being handled or to stop the service from running.

Often, the same request is repeated by many machines thousands of times a second and it can actually take down entire networks.

Notable DDoS attacks include ones carried out late last year by the hacker group Anonymous against Visa and Paypal as part of their ‘operation payback’ campaign in support of Wikileaks.

At UKFast, we have developed a DDoS Blockade system. This sits outside of the firewall to deal with traffic before it hits your solution. We identify any malicious requests, and set up a decoy page to respond to these. The decoy page responds with “everything is OK, and here is the page. The DDos Blockade absorbs all of this traffic, leaving the actual site to perform as normal.

A Denial of Service or DoS attack is when someone crafts a request, tailored to programs on the target service, with the aim of bringing it down.

A DoS attack is a specifically crafted request, from a single machine, designed to crash a service. A DDoS attack on the other hand is a large number of often identical requests, from hundreds machines

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