Deal Signed by AMS-IX and Wingu to Introduce New IX on African Continent


AMS-IX is now partnering with data center operator Wingu to establish a new Internet Exchange (IX) in Djibouti, on the northeast coast of the Horn of Africa. The 20+ linked networks of Djix, Wingu’s current IX in Djibouti, will be integrated into the new platform when the new exchange, AMS-IX Djibouti, launches.

The new Internet Exchange will be called AMS-IX Djibouti and will launch with the more than 20 connected networks of Djix, Wingu’s existing IX in Djibouti, which will be consolidated in the new IX platform.

AMS-IX Djibouti Management

The original memorandum of understanding, which was disclosed at MORE-IP, is followed by the new collaboration contract. As per the collaboration agreement, Wingu’s newly constructed data center and cable landing station in Djibouti will have this new Internet Exchange developed, managed, and operated by AMS-IX. The new facility will serve as Wingu’s second Djiboutian data center.

Leading AMS-IX Djibouti’s commercial management, AMS-IX will concentrate on expanding the new Internet Exchange and welcoming new clients. Wingu will act as AMS-IX’s regional sales and marketing division as well as its commercial partner in Djibouti.