Debugging Istio: How to Fix a Broken Service Mesh (Cloud Next '19)

Istio provides a powerful set of Kubernetes abstractions for traffic routing, security, and telemetry. But whether you’re a first-time user, or running Istio in production, it’s likely that you’ve encountered some roadblocks when installing and using Istio. This talk dives into the most common problems you may encounter with Istio’s internals, and addresses how to fix them. Through a whirlwind set of demos running on Google Kubernetes Engine, we will cover scenarios like: why does my Istio install fail? why is Pilot crashing? what if my sidecar proxies aren’t routing properly? what if I can’t see Istio metrics in Stackdriver? why is my end-user JWT authentication failing? why won’t IngressGateway accept incoming traffic? — and more! You will leave this session equipped with a set of tools for solving even the thorniest Istio problems.

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Speaker(s): Megan O’Keefe, Sandeep Parikh

Session ID: HYB303
product:Istio; fullname:Megan O’Keefe,Sandeep Parikh;

Duration: 00:45:52
Publisher: Google Cloud
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