Deciso Launches OPNsense, a New Open Source Firewall Initiative

Deciso, a global manufacturer of networking equipment headquartered in Middelharnis, the Netherlands, has launched OPNsense, a new open source firewall initiative that would combine the best of open source and closed source firewalls.

The OPNsense firewalls can be used by individual customers, but also by developers, commercial channel partners and OEMs. Companies that want to use OPNsense to create a branded version, extend its features, or even create a fork and build upon the same codebase are allowed to do so under the 2-clause BSD license.

deciso-firewallsDecisio’s OPNsense firewalls feature several “high-end” features, including load balancing, high availability and captive portal. The “modern and easy-to-use” Bootstrap-based user interface would make configuring and managing the firewall a comfortable task for administrators. All sources and build tools are freely available without special clauses and without licensing costs.

“We put high value in the community around OPNsense,” said Jos Schellevis, Deciso’s CTO. “The OPNsense project intends to give users, developers and businesses a friendly, stable and transparent environment.”