Dedicated Server and Cloud Specialist Hivelocity Adds NTT Communications Transit

Hivelocity, a global provider specializing in dedicated servers, cloud hosting and connectivity, has further enhanced its IP network with the addition of NTT Communications transit. NTT Communications joins Level 3, Time Warner Telecom, GTT, Cogent, Comcast and Global Crossing as the 7th transit provider on the Hivelocity network. 

dedicated-serversWith the addition of NTT, the Hivelocity network now includes another tier 1 global fiber network. The NTT global network infrastructure covers 159 countries, which should please Hivelocity’s client base that spans 137 countries. Hivelocity also has a private peering network with points of presence (PoPs) in Los Angeles, Tampa, Miami and Atlanta.

“We have a very large customer base throughout Latin America with a heavy concentration in Brazil specifically,” said Dejan Protich, a Hivelocity Senior Network Engineer. “With the tools provided within our Noction intelligent routing protocol, software I was immediately able to see our network performance improve in Brazil, Columbia, Japan and China upon turning up our NTT fiber.”

Hivelocity recently completed a 15,000 square foot data center expansion in Tampa, Florida.