Dedicated Server Company Netwise Hosting Makes Switch to 100% Green Energy at Its London Data Center

Netwise Hosting, a provider of dedicated servers and colocation solutions from London, UK, has officially made the switch to “true and 100%” renewable energy at its London Central data center.

dedicated servers netwise hostingThe dedicated server and colocation company, now two years on from launching its London Central data center, turned to specialist provider Ecotricity for the delivery of this change, as suppliers of “truly green energy.”

“This is a big step for us in setting the standard for the future of data centre operations, particularly in a major capital city like London,” said Matthew Butt, Managing Director of Netwise Hosting. “We are incredibly proud to be delivering our customers with what may well be the greenest data center service set in London, if not the UK.”

Rather than relying on “ambiguous carbon credits and misleading offset schemes,” Ecotricity generates this energy themselves using the wind, the sun, and soon the sea.

“We now work with several large service providers who are feeling added weight every day in reducing their carbon impact, as computational demands continue to increase,” added Matt Seaton, Senior Manager at Netwise Hosting. “We’ve listened to this demand, and helped our early adopters in delivering this to their end clients.”

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