Dedicated Server Provider Limestone Networks Launches Enterprise DDoS Protection

As Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have become common-place, it’s crucial for enterprise organizations to be aware of the risks and to think about preventive solutions to these crippling activities. Limestone Networks is now offering enterprises such a solution, as the company has added enterprise DDoS Protection to its hosting product portfolio.

An important component of DDoS protection is the technique used to mitigate any attack. In evaluating appropriate solutions, the Dallas-based, on-demand dedicated server provider has chosen to use a more heuristic based approach. This method was preferred because of its greater effectiveness in mitigating zero-day attacks.

“The release of our enterprise DDoS solution allows us to provide a simple way for our clients to better protect their business, as well as maintaining the solid network that we are known for,” said Austin Brace, Network Engineer for Limestone Networks.

Additional details of the Limestone Networks Enterprise DDoS Protection solution are as follows:

  • Fully Automated Protection
  • Detects and mitigates attack traffic in 2 minutes or less
  • Adapts to attacker changes in real-time without analyst intervention
  • Anticipates the behavior of the attacker and proactively blocks malicious requests
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