Dedicated Server Provider, Link11, Selects Zayo for Network Expansion Across U.S. and Europe

Link11, a German infrastructure provider offering solutions including dedicated servers, colocation, CDN and DDoS protection, has selected Zayo to provide an Ethernet solution. The network for Link11 will span London, Frankfurt, Miami, New York and Los Angeles and leverages the recently acquired Viatel assets.

Zayo’s E-LAN solution provides Link11 with a multipoint-to-multipoint configuration, consolidating fragmented elements into a “unified, high-performance” network. The solution features one overall data commitment for the entire network, providing the customer with the flexibility to move data allowances within the network to accommodate fluctuating demand. 

Link11’s customer base includes leading e-commerce, finance and insurance companies, with many providers and server hosts offering Link11’s own products as white-label solutions.

link11 dedicated servers“We pride our network on three attributes: availability, performance and security. Our customers rely on us for the safety of their data, which means our network has to be reliable and resilient,” said Jens-Philipp Jung, managing director of Link11. “We make no compromises with our network, and we entrust Zayo with keeping our network always on. With more than 500 Gbps bandwidth capacity worldwide, Link11 has one of the largest networks as an anti DDoS solution provider in operation in Europe.”

Zayo’s dense networks in key cities would ensure that Link11’s and its customers’ content is as close as possible to its end-users resulting in low-latency performance. This would result in faster load times of data and websites and higher reliability.

“For global companies like Link11 that are looking to connect multiple sites to their network, our E-LAN multipoint-to-multipoint service is an ideal solution,” said Alastair Kane, managing director, Northern Europe, Zayo. “Our new network assets, acquired from Viatel and Allstream, have significantly expanded our footprint across Europe and Canada, providing customers with lower latency and better application performance.”

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