Dedicated Server Provider Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

dedicated-servers-bitcoinsHosting And Designs L.L.C., a dedicated hosting provider from Beaverton, Oregon, has just made Bitcoins available as another method of payment for their customers, for all its services including dedicated servers and VPS hosting.

Bitcoin has become increasingly popular as ‘the Internet currency’ these days. As the dedicated hosting provider from Oregon did get repeated requests from its customers for this type of payment option, the company has decided to accept Bitcoin payments from its customers. This makes Hosting And Designs one of the early hosting industry adopters of Bitcoin as another means of payment for its dedicated server offerings and value added services.

Secure payment system

If visitors are requesting certain payment types due to its popularity alone, the first thing Hosting And Designs will also investigate is whether it is secure and a viable means of payment including transaction and processing fees, recurring payment options and ease of implementation into existing payment features.

Hosting And Designs appreciates the fact that credit card fraud is non-existent with Bitcoins. Bitcoin would also have the added benefit of a secure (military grade) payment system with the option of zero processing fees available as well as providing strong privacy for buyers. Bitcoins can be transferred from any continent in the world without high transfer fees as with banks or other financial institutions.