Dedicated Server Provider ReliableSite Adds Protection For Up To 100 Gbps DDoS Attacks

In the first months of 2016, DDoS attacks targeted at ReliableSite’s network and dedicated servers have increased as much as 27%. To protect its hosting customers, the company is announcing support for a new “and vital” feature: protection for up to 100 Gbps DDoS attacks. 

ReliableSite receives large attacks on its network, as well as multiple attacks of smaller size in single instances. These attacks would be unpredictable and therefore dangerous to businesses that need to be up and running consistently. Even a short denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, if it is able to reach a server when no protection is in place, can cause a business to lose revenue or even their reputation in their industry. 

Customized Protection 

dedicated servers reliablesiteReliableSite’s DDoS protection is provisioned in-house and does not utilize tunneling, which means no added latency or effect on network performance. Attacks are instantly mitigated when they reach the network. The company allows dedicated server administrators to customize their traffic filtering on a per-IP basis. This allows users to cater to their own customers’ applications and “whitelist” certain IPs sending requests to the server.

After the attack is filtered, ReliableSite provides a full report on the incident. This includes information about the size and duration of the DDoS attack and a sample of the traffic detected.

DDoS Forecast

The company tracks DDoS attacks directed at its dedicated hosting customers, based on intensity and frequency. Their ‘DDoS Forecast’ tool graphs live attack information in the style of a weather report. Temperature correlates with attack intensity and the percent chance of rain represents attack frequency. A “hot” day with a high change of “rain” is a bad day for Internet security.

The DDoS attack forecast would ultimately show what is apparent in the hosting world: attacks are inevitable. Those concerned about the security of their dedicated servers would start to see that the size and frequency of attacks on a specific day is relative.

ReliableSite was founded in 2006 and has grown to provide unmanaged, enterprise-grade dedicated servers and fully managed dedicated hosting solutions in the New York City metro area and Miami, Florida.