Dedicated Server Provider ReliableSite Launches Advanced DDoS Mitigation Settings

ReliableSite, a provider of dedicated servers based in New York, has launched an advanced set of controls for its free and enterprise-grade DDoS protection – to allow customers to fine-tune mitigation for specific applications.

dedicated-servers-reliablesiteThe advanced controls, developed in-house, will allow applications with unique traffic patterns to thrive behind ReliableSite’s DDoS protection. Customers have the option to designate thresholds for UDP and ICMP traffic before the mitigation of an attack. This would ensure that a server, such as a VPN, running a UDP-heavy application will not send false DDoS attack alerts or deny ordinary traffic.

It is possible to completely block UDP traffic for ReliableSite’s dedicated servers that run other types of services. Server administrators can also whitelist IPs and ports to be excluded from DDoS mitigation.

10 Gbps DDoS protection 

Our DDoS protection must become more sophisticated as internet security becomes more complicated,” said Radic Davydov, founder and CEO of ReliableSite. “We are giving our customers all of the tools to defend against evolving online threats.” 

ddos-mitiigationServer administrators can filter specific IPs or set attack size limits to reduce the risk of blocking normal traffic when mitigating attacks. The newly developed DDoS protection is exclusive to ReliableSite dedicated servers. All of the brand’s servers come standard with up to 10 Gbps DDoS protection at no extra charge. 

ReliableSite has been offerering its services in the dedicated hosting industry since 2006. The company has two data centers available, located in the New York City metro area and Miami, Florida.