Dedicated Server Provider ReliableSite Offers New Intel Xeon D Server Platform

ReliableSite, a provider of dedicated servers based in New York, is offering the first generation Intel Xeon D-1540 CPU, built on the new ‘Broadwell’ core. The processor works with eight cores and newly-released DDR4 memory.

The CPU would serve as a lower power and lower cost alternative to Intel’s Xeon E5 processors without sacrificing its large feature set. The Intel Xeon D-1540 is the highest performing processor from Intel’s new Xeon D line. It will be ideal for VPS hosting and web hosting providers due to a high core count and the ability to upgrade memory up to 128 GB.

dedicated-servers-reliablesiteThe processor is also equipped with high-performance DDR4 RAM, which would allow ReliableSite dedicated servers to control more processes, information, or data without slowing down.

“Intel created something that reduces a gap,” said Radic Davydov, CEO and founder of ReliableSite, “both in performance and pricing – between two of our most popular CPU’s. We believe that it will fit the needs of customers looking for the best value.”

The company states it is often an early adopter of Intel technology for its dedicated servers, and currently offers a wide range of its processors.

ReliableSite has offered high-performance, enterprise-grade dedicated servers to the dedicated hosting industry since 2006. Its data centers in the New York City metro area and in Miami are fully redundant.