Dedicated Server Provider ServerHub Completes Phase One of Major Phoenix Network Expansion

ServerHub, a U.S. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider specializing in dedicated servers and cloud based virtualization applications, has completed phase one of its multi-tier network expansion – which increases overall network capacity to over 160GBit of available bandwidth transit in the Phoenix area.

dedicated-servers-phoenixWith the completion of Phase One, ServerHub, with data centers in Phoenix, Arizona and headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, now moves to Phase Two of its network expansion in Phoenix. The next phase will include the introduction of Noction Route Optimization, Arbor Networks DDoS Protection, further optimization of the company’s internal Phoenix network as well as the introduction of new premium carriers into their Phoenix Blend.

Phase One completion has resulted in significant upgrades to the ServerHub Network in Phoenix, which included:

  • Introduction of Juniper Backbone Routing Engines into the ServerHub network design.
  • Introduction of GTT Telecom into the ServerHub BGP Carrier Blend.
  • Increase of 10x Inter-Datacenter connectivity between core ServerHub devices.
  • Capacity increase of over 160GBit of additional transit into Phoenix.
  • Initial Route Optimization over the Phoenix ServerHub network.

Phase One completion also saw the decomissioning of legacy Cisco 6500 Engine based hardware previously in use within the ServerHub Network. ServerHub operates a global Infrastructure platform and has customers in over 120 countries. ServerHub is a privately held Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider primarily located in the Southwestern United States that specializes in dedicated servers and cloud based virtualization applications. The ServerHub customer portfolio is made of a diverse mix from web start-ups to global enterprises.