Deep Integration DbVisualizer And NuoDB Enhances NuoDB Functionality In Cloud Hosting Environments

NuoDB, Inc., a provider of distributed database technology, and DbVis Software, a Swedish company that develops, markets and supports database software products, have announced the integration of the NuoDB solution with DbVisualizer Pro, a universal database tool for visualizing and managing databases. The new integration will enhance NuoDB functionality in cloud hosting environments.

cloud-databases-nuodbThis deep integration, developed jointly by NuoDB and DbVis, will further streamline NuoDB functionality in cloud hosting environments by automating numerous tasks such as connection management, memory monitoring, trigger creation/editing and improving visibility of the NuoDB database in cloud-based deployments.

“The DbVisualizer integration features the ability to fully visualize the unique, distributed aspects of NuoDB,” said Adam Abrevaya, NuoDB Vice President, Engineering. “So, for example, when a customer deploys NuoDB across multiple Amazon EC2 cloud hosting regions, he can use the DbVisualizer Processes DBA View, to quickly see all the hosts and geographies where that single, logical database is deployed.”

“DbVisualizer works with all the common DBMS platforms on the market,” said Christer Wilsby, Director of Marketing, DbVis Software. “We are pleased to add NuoDB, with its strong SQL support and cloud capabilities, to our roster of popular database solutions.”

NuoDB and DbVis Software

Launched in 2010 by industry-renowned database architect Jim Starkey and accomplished software CEO Barry Morris, NuoDB provides businesses with a cloud database management system to solve cloud hosting issues with application deployments, maintaining business continuity and providing outstanding application performance. The company is based in Cambridge, MA.

DbVis Software was founded in 2003. The company is dedicated to developing and selling platform-independent tools for database administration, development, and analysis. The software has been downloaded over 3,000,000 times and until now, 14,000 customers in 107 countries have purchased DbVisualizer Pro.