Dell and Red Hat Launch Co-Engineered Private Cloud Solutions Based on OpenStack

private-cloud-dellDell and Red Hat have announced the availability of co-engineered, enterprise-grade, private cloud solutions based on OpenStack. The two companies also have extended their collaboration to enable the compatibility, portability and reliability for Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings that enterprise customers need as they build public cloud hosting, private cloud and hybrid environments.

The new Dell Red Hat private cloud solutions are powered by Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. Dell and Red Hat have co-engineered their OpenStack-based cloud solutions to address enterprise customer demand for more flexible, elastic and dynamic IT services to support and host non-business critical applications – including mobile, social and analytics – and dev/test environments.

These cloud solutions are available today, and have been optimized and validated by Dell and Red Hat to provide rapid on-ramps to OpenStack private clouds:

Proof of Concept Configuration – designed for customers looking to explore OpenStack capabilities, research deployment options, pilot application deployments, and begin the development of an OpenStack private cloud environment.

Pilot Configuration – designed for testing cloud applications, and for customers beginning a production environment. The pilot configuration is capable of supporting cloud scale applications across six OpenStack compute and three storage nodes. The pilot configuration can be expanded with pre-configured compute, storage and infrastructure blocks.

For customers seeking massive scale-out designs, Dell Cloud Services will engage with customers to design and architect OpenStack-based clouds, building upon the years of experience Dell and Red Hat have with OpenStack technologies.

Openshift, Linux Container

hardware-dellDell and Red Hat will also extend their co-engineering partnership to deliver OpenShift and Linux Container solutions. Red Hat’s PaaS offering, OpenShift, provides Linux Container-based multi-tenancy via Red Hat Enterprise Linux Gears. Dell’s OpenShift integration is a necessary step toward Dell and Red Hat co-engineering next-generation Linux Container enhancements from Docker.

Dell and Red Hat will work together within the OpenShift community to build OpenShift solutions that provide support for enterprise application developers looking for efficient ways to make their current and future data and applications more portable and accessible. Dell will integrate these capabilities across its hardware and software offerings to enable a complete PaaS solution from Linux to OpenStack to OpenShift, including platform management.