Dell Announces Complete Active Directory Backup and Recovery for Azure Cloud Environments

Dell has announced the release of Dell Recovery Manager for Active Directory and Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition 8.7, which allow organizations running hybrid Active Directory environments with Azure AD Connect the ability to back up, view and restore changes to AD objects in real time on-premises and in the cloud.

While cloud adoption is on the rise, most organizations are taking a hybrid approach. To support this model, Dell Software has developed a single, “cost-effective and easy-to-use” AD backup and recovery solution for both on-premise and Azure cloud deployments.

Dell Recovery Manager for Active Directory supports item-level recovery, comparison reports, and attribute rollback capabilities that would give IT the comprehensive control required for successful hybrid AD management. The solution also provides organizations the ability to perform on-premises automated forest-level recovery and create a fully functional virtual lab environment, further reinforcing Dell’s complete hybrid AD management offerings.

azure-cloud“Organizations running hybrid environments must have clear visibility into what’s going on in their Active Directory environment, and need the ability to restore unwanted AD changes before they can impact the business,” said Brett Roscoe, vice president, product management, Dell Systems and Information Management. “Azure offers great value to customers, but without a simple yet comprehensive management solution it can increase complexity and introduce risk to the Active Directory environment. Other products in the market support Azure with AD Connect, but only Dell offers the most complete capabilities to address the hybrid Azure and on-premise AD environments.”

Web-Based Interactive Search

Dell Recovery Manager for Active Directory integrates with Dell InTrust’s IT Search capability, a web-based interactive search and store engine that would speed security investigations and audits. This provides instant insight into the relationships between data and users. A simple search would allow users to get valuable insights into who changed critical Active Directory objects. It would also allow them to see modifications made within Recovery Manager. By viewing the before and after values, users can “quickly” restore changed AD objects to their previous state and Azure AD Connect synchronizes those changes to Azure AD.

dell-servicesDell Recovery Manager allows for proactive disaster recovery testing by automating the creation of a virtual AD lab using production data. IT would be enables to get a clear view of how disaster recovery plans or new software will work without disrupting the production environment. Dell Recovery Manager would automate and simplify the recovery of a forest or domain simultaneously in the event of a disaster and quickly restore the environment to a pre-corruption state.


Dell Software’s Recovery Manager for Active Directory and Recovery Manager for Active Directory Forest Edition 8.7 are currently available. Dell Software’s InTrust 11.1 will be available later this month. Dell solutions are available both direct and through channel partners.