Dell Study Uncovers 96 Percent of Healthcare Organizations Turn to the Cloud

96 percent of mid-size healthcare organizations surveyed are using or considering using cloud computing, according to the Dell Global Technology Adoption Index (GTAI). The majority of healthcare respondents are using private cloud (43 percent) or a hybrid cloud solution (43 percent).

Healthcare confidence in the security of data stored in a private cloud environment is promising, with 64 percent indicating that they are “very confident” that their data is protected. Nearly half of all healthcare organizations surveyed (46 percent) cite better allocation of IT resources as the biggest benefit of cloud computing. That benefit is followed closely by cost savings (39 percent).

colocation-healthcareAccording to Cliff Bleustein, M.D., chief medical officer, Dell Healthcare and Life Sciences, by freeing IT staff to focus on the clinical experience and patient care, the cloud offers a critical building block for information-driven, patient-centered healthcare. “By providing the flexibility and scalability that enables small and mid-size healthcare organizations to be more nimble in the face of constant change, the cloud can help speed and ease the transformation as other newer technologies are adopted.”

Cloud-Based Archiving

“The future of healthcare lies in intelligent data repositories that incorporate clinical workflow functions and predictive and prescriptive analytics,” added Dr. Bleustein. “Moving to cloud-based archiving as a service is the first step in making your data actionable.”

To develop the GTAI, Dell commissioned TNS to conduct quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with IT decision-makers worldwide. 2,038 employees of midsize public and private organizations – distributed across 11 regions worldwide and multiple industries – were surveyed to enable deep analysis by industry or region. The survey was conducted between July 15 and Sept. 2, 2014.

For an in-depth look at the findings, please see GTAI results online at