Dell Technologies And DISH Aim to Create Open RAN 5G Edge Infrastructure in the US

Dell Technologies has come into a strategic infrastructure agreement in order to support DISH’s rollout of its cloud-native, Open RAN-based 5G network in the United States. Both the companies say they are redefining the way 5G networks are built and deployed with an ecosystem of technologies, partners, and Dell’s open infrastructure foundation.

Dell Technologies

DISH is creating its open, cloud-native 5G network from scratch. Dell Technologies will be delivering DISH’s edge network infrastructure foundation, powering devices, software, and solutions that will help clients in getting the best business opportunities and connectivity.

Zero-Touch Provisioning

With the help of Dell Technologiessecurity software and global supply chain, DISH will deploy Dell open hardware and software infrastructure for its 5G network that will connect more than millions of people and boost 5G and edge use cases in industries like healthcare, government, manufacturing, education, banking retail, and others. DISH can easily simplify and automate the deployment of software and services over geographic locations with Dell’s zero-touch provisioning and deployment of containerized RAN network functions.

Dell and DISH’s 5G wireless network solutions will aim to offer value to various industries. Both companies are working on delivering a go-to-market strategy that can offer simple and smooth solutions and provide value for customers at edge. Both DISH and Dell will co-develop technology for SmartNICs, Open RAN, emerging micro-edge colocation, operational automation, and other areas of Research and Development (R&D). A joint team from both organizations will be building multi-access edge computing (MEC) solutions for enterprise and small business opportunities.

Not only this, but DISH and Dell will also authorize machine learning capabilities to monitor the system’s health. They will also help in predicting the anomalies that can have an impact on the performance or services. To offer a top-notch performance automated operations and power efficiency along with, both the companies will create a network infrastructure from cell sites to data centers.

The organizations are also going to build advanced technology collaboration teams to identify and create investment opportunities and future technologies. Their collaboration will focus on the roadmap and silicon diversity for 5G RAN and edge infrastructure and focus on improving operational reliability, cost-to-serve, power consumption of telecom equipment, performance density, in the 5G network.

Chief Network Officer’s Take

Chief Network Officer at DISH, Marc Rouanne, said that by collaborating with Dell Technologies, DISH will get all the required hardware and software infrastructure to control the power and potential of 5G. He further said that the open ecosystem approach of Dell will help DISH in scaling up the RAN network with speed, consistency, agility, and it will also bring new business opportunities for both consumers and enterprise customers.

Mr. Rouanne concluded by saying that DISH has decided to take benefit of Dell’s technology due to the companies demonstrated track record of transforming networks and the choice to work on designing and implementing infrastructure as Code (IaC).