Dell’Oro Group Study: SASE is Continuing Its Global Expansion

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According to the findings of a recent study conducted by Dell’Oro Group, a global source for market information on the telecommunications, security, networks, and data center industries, the worldwide SASE market is projected to surmount $6 billion in 2022, which indicates a significant increase of 34 percent year-over-year (YoY).

Cisco maintained its supremacy in SASE with a 17 percent revenue share, but Zscaler, in second place, was only marginally behind and decreasing the distance as of the year 2021. The market was competitive, with more than 30 providers, and Cisco had a revenue share of 17 percent.

According to Mauricio Sanchez, Research Director, Network Security, and SASE & SD-WAN at Dell’Oro Group, SASE revenue increased by more than 30% for the third year in a row. This was due to the epidemic, which necessitated updating the infrastructure of the network and protection for regional offices and diverse users. According to Mr. Sanchez, the faster development of single-vendor SASE solutions is a reflection of the bigger businesses’ desire for one-stop purchasing over multi-vendor best-of-breed solutions. This desire would be represented in the market.


Dell’Oro Group’s SASE & SD-WAN Quarterly Report for the entirety of the year 2022 includes the following additional findings:

  • The top three SASE providers in terms of overall revenue were Cisco, Zscaler, and Broadcom/Symantec. Together, these three companies controlled just over forty percent of the market share.
  • As a result of an increase in the number of businesses switching from access routing to SD-WAN solutions and a substantial improvement in hardware supply networks, the revenue generated by SASE’s networking portion (SD-WAN) increased by thirty percent year over year.
  • The top three SD-WAN providers in terms of revenue were Cisco, Fortinet, and VMware. Together, these three companies accounted for almost half of the business.
  • The security component of SASE (SSE – Security Service Edge) saw a year-over-year growth of 38 percent as a direct result of businesses’ adoption of cloud-delivered network security to protect cloud-based applications and users’ access to those applications. These businesses adopted cloud-delivered network security in order to protect cloud-based apps.
  • On a technological basis, the SSE industry accounted for roughly 60 percent of the SASE industry’s total revenue. SD-WAN made up the remaining forty percent of the network.
  • Single-vendor SASE accounted for 45 percent of the overall market share of the SASE business.
  • The three companies that made up the top three single-vendor SASE providers in terms of revenue were Cisco, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks.
  • The revenue generated by disaggregated SASE was noticeably greater than that generated by unified SASE; however, the growth rate generated by universal SASE was substantially quicker.

The three companies that made up the top three aggregate SASE providers in terms of revenue were Versa Networks, VMware, and Cato Networks.

About the Report

The SASE & SD-WAN research conducted by Dell’Oro Group includes coverage of the sales made by manufacturers in the Access Router and SASE businesses. In addition, the research investigates the SASE market from the perspectives of technology (specifically, SD-WAN networking and SSE security) as well as implementation (unified and disaggregated). The research also includes information regarding the units sold on the Access Router market.

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