Deloitte Creates Global Industry Cloud Accelerator Fund with AWS


With Amazon Web Services (AWS), Deloitte has announced the creation of Olympus, a worldwide investment fund dedicated to developing cloud-based business solutions. In order to jointly innovate and engineer solutions that address the most difficult problems in key industries using the principles of contemporary software engineering, this initiative would bring together the engineering and industry domain knowledge of Deloitte with the security and scale of AWS.

Chris Niederman, GM, Global Account Sales and Strategic Alliances at AWS
“This new investment fund will help us to scale and expand across all industries globally,” said Chris Niederman, GM, Global Account Sales and Strategic Alliances at AWS.

Industry clouds have the potential to generate $640 billion by 2025, according to Deloitte’s analysis. Delivering industry-specific cloud solutions is the goal of this newly established financing program, which aims to hasten digital transformation across all industries. With Converge by Deloitte on AWS live in over 30 countries worldwide, Deloitte and AWS claim to provide innovative value in the medical sciences, consumer banking, and smart manufacturing sectors, among other industries.

“Our goal is to help our clients more rapidly leverage the power of industry cloud solutions and modern technologies, like AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT, 5G, AR/VR and quantum computing, all on the cloud, to address their most urgent issues such as food waste, access to financial products, clean energy, geo-political risk, et cetera, leveraging digital technologies, cybersecurity and modern architecture and engineering,” said Forrest Danson, Principal and Global Chief Commercial Officer of the Amazon/AWS alliance, Deloitte Consulting. “Industry clouds have the potential to both reshape entire markets and enable our clients to quickly realize future-looking business strategies.”

Deloitte’s Digital Banking Platform

The Olympus initiative will include ConvergePROSPERITY BankingSuite from Deloitte. This set of services enables financial institutions to swiftly roll out banking services that are mostly available online while still addressing the expanding needs of consumers and small businesses. Using Deloitte’s digital banking platform, which would help banks and non-banks deliver innovative customer experiences, modernize legacy product platforms, drive greater efficiencies, and bring products and services to market more quickly on AWS technology, Deloitte and AWS have already co-invested and worked on the engineering.

“Together, we have already co-developed several groundbreaking industry cloud offerings,” said Chris Niederman, general manager, Global Account Sales and Strategic Alliances at AWS. “This new investment fund will help us to scale and expand across all industries globally, as we give our customers access to more powerful solutions that address their increasingly complex and specialized problems. Together with Deloitte, we have committed to translating our technology expertise and their industry experience into new industry solutions that reimagine and reinvent how business is done.”