Demo: Deploying Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Mirantis OpenStack
Highlights of a deployment of Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Mirantis OpenStack. For a step-by-step guide, download our Runbook:

Original Webcast: Turnkey Cloud Platform for Modern Application Workloads

Deploying and operating applications on virtual infrastructure can be time consuming and complex, relying on manual, error prone processes for configuration, scaling, updates and high availability. That is why Mirantis has teamed up with Pivotal to offer customers a faster path to success!

Pivotal Cloud Foundry provides an enterprise-ready Cloud Native platform that abstracts virtualized compute/storage/network resources and software stacks into an application platform especially well suited to run modern, microservices based applications. Combining Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Mirantis OpenStack, enterprises can painlessly create a full-featured, tightly integrated cloud platform based on open technologies.

Join us on November 17th to learn more about how to build your cloud platform to run the most demanding workloads with minimal IT overhead by deploying Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Mirantis OpenStack.In this joint webinar, Pivotal and Mirantis will discuss the benefits of running Pivotal Cloud Foundry on Mirantis OpenStack. You’ll learn:

Benefits of working with Pivotal Cloud Foundry, and the gains to productivity from both the system operator and application developer perspectives
Best-practice for architecting your OpenStack data center, and deploying OpenStack to support the Pivotal Cloud Foundry use-case
Demo: How to deploy a Pivotal Cloud Foundry application.

Duration: 7:58
Publisher: Mirantis
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