Democratizing LoRaWAN and IoT with The Things Network

On this special long-format episode of This Is My Architecture, learn how The Things Network and its commercial wing, The Things Industries (, is helping both hobbyists and businesses connect low-power, long-range devices to the cloud. The Things Network ( is a community project in over 84 countries that is building a global Internet of Things data network. The Things Network devices connect to community-maintained gateways. They can communicate over very long distances and last on a single alkaline battery for up to 5-10 years thanks to the LoRaWAN protocol. The Things Industries has built a platform using AWS IoT that allows device data to be collected and processed in the cloud using multiple AWS services. You’ll learn about The Things Industries’ architecture, how Netcetera is leveraging The Things Network for air quality monitoring in Skopje, how Decentlab builds high-quality, long-lasting LoRaWAN devices that work with The Things Network to track environmental conditions, and get a feel for the community at a local meetup.

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