Deploy and connect to an Azure Red Hat OpenShift cluster | Azure Friday

Kavitha Gowda joins Scott Hanselman to discuss and demo Azure Red Hat OpenShift, which is jointly engineered, operated, and supported by Microsoft and Red Hat to provide an integrated support experience. There are no virtual machines to operate, and no patching is required. Master, infrastructure, and application nodes are patched, updated, and monitored on your behalf by Microsoft and Red Hat. Your Azure Red Hat OpenShift clusters are deployed into your Azure subscription and are included on your Azure bill.

00:00 – Introduction
01:12 – Overview
07:15 – Cluster creation
12:38 – Cluster connection and exploration
15:35 – Creating a new MachineSet
19:42 – Get AAD integration with Group Sync Operator
20:26 – Install Azure resources with Azure Service Operator
21:30 – Azure Arc integration
22:18 – GitOps
23:09 – Monitoring
24:38 – Wrap-up

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Duration: 00:25:33
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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