Deploy OpenAPI enabled Azure Functions with .NET in Visual Studio | Azure Friday

Justin Yoo joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate an extension he developed for adding OpenAPI capabilities to Azure Functions apps. See how easy it is to get HTTP-triggered .NET functions with OpenAPI support and deploy an Azure Functions app with Azure API Management from Visual Studio.

Watch the episode to the end and then submit your answers to our five-question quiz about the info Scott and Justin covered. Eligible participants who answer all five questions correctly will be entered into a Sweepstakes with a chance to be one of ten lucky winners to win a box of Microsoft swag! The Azure Friday Quiz Sweepstakes ends on Dec 10, 2021.

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0:00 – Intro
3:15 – Create
9:20 – Publish
12:56 – Consume
22:48 – Wrap-up

Create serverless APIs in Visual Studio using Azure Functions and API Management integration (preview)

Azure Functions OpenAPI Extension

Create a free account (Azure)

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Duration: 00:23:59
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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