Deploy, Troubleshoot and Control Kubernetes Powered Containers and Microservices on AWS

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In this webinar we explore how Weaveworks utilizes Kubernetes and AWS to achieve greater development velocity without giving up control and operational efficiencies.

Weaveworks operates Weave Cloud, an intuitive operations Platform as a Service (PaaS) for app developers on AWS. We will discuss best practices and pitfalls of how we have been operating a cloud native app in production for the past 18 months.

Learn How Weaveworks:
– architected a fully cloud-native application based on Kubernetes and Prometheus on AWS
– deploys, observes, and analyzes a containerized application in production with full-stack observability
– set up actionable alerts, designed to provide scalability and high availability
– does GitOps for deployment and upgrades (GitOps is a workflow that helps developers to deploy to production via a simple pull request)

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Duration: 45:49
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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