Deploying from Artifact Registry to GKE

Did you know that Artifact Registry is also compatible with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)? In this video, Jen Person shows you how to deploy a container from Artifact Registry to GKE. Watch to learn about how Artifact Registry’s compatibility with GKE can provide visibility and control over container images and other dependencies in the software development and delivery process.


0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Deploying to GKE
1:04 – Why to use Artifact Registry with GKE
1:47 – Demo of deploying to GKE
2:08 – Cloud Build
2:23 – Building with Cloud Build
3:38 – Configuring access to containers
3:57 – Running an Artifact Registry image
4:35 – Conclusion

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Product: Artifact Registry, GKE; fullname: Jen Person;


Duration: 00:05:09
Publisher: Google Cloud
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