Designing for Consumer Behavior Change – Felix Jamestin

Felix Jamestin talks about why design matters more than ever in today’s times and the reasons for why we need it.

He speaks about the principles of consumer behavior change.
Scarcity, authority, social proof and nudges.

Scarcity is simply the innate behaviour of human beings to ascribe value to a certain thing that is available in lesser quantities in our surroundings.

Authority is when urgency is embedded in a user’s mind owing to a stamp of approval by either a person or an organization (website testimonials for example.)

Social proof is similar to authority. Social influence, or social proof, is a psychology concept of conformity. All humans are social beings and what others think about us is remarkably important. It basically comes down to the fact that you find yourself in a situation in which you adopt beliefs and actions of a group of people you trust or like. This could be anyone from your family to your friends or a sports team. (according to

A nudge is basically a reminder of sorts that can be incorporated during the buy-flow process when a user does not complete the purchase action for various reasons.

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Duration: 14:21
Publisher: ResellerClub
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