Deutsche Telekom and Titan.ium Launch 5G Roaming on Cloud-Native Platform

Deutsche Telekom

By successfully delivering a cloud-native infrastructure intended to support its 5G roaming services internationally, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier and Titan.ium have accomplished a major advancement in the field of 5G technology. This innovation would advance the delivery of faster, more reliable 5G Standalone (SA) roaming services to users globally by opening the door for new telecom service offerings and transcontinental connectivity.

A thorough technical trial program precedes the successful commercial deployment. With the help of the 3GPP’s Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP), a protocol that guarantees end-to-end secrecy for all 5G interconnect roaming communications, this initiative concentrated on network connectivity. These trials included both hosted and outsourced SEPP business models and were carried out in cooperation with operator partners including T-Mobile US, Sunrise, and AIS Thailand.

The cloud-native platform from Titan.ium, which is essential to this deployment, is designed with “state-of-the-art” functionality made possible by its interaction with Kubernetes. Rolling updates, self-healing, auto-scaling, automated deployments, and canary rollouts are all made possible by this. To provide effective operations and improve the customer experience, Deutsche Telekom would rely heavily on the platform’s sophisticated signaling, routing, and security features, including threat mitigation, encryption, and access control.

Vice President of Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier’s voice and mobile solutions, Nicholas Nikrouyan, emphasized that Titan.ium is the best platform for the company’s 5G rollout. To meet client requests and steer the industry’s transition to 5G, he underlined its scalability and flexibility. Additionally praised were Titan.ium‘s technical competence and flexibility in responding to changing operator demands.

GSMA Standards Project for 5G SA Roaming

Titan.ium CEO Kurt Daniel expressed delight with their innovative and forward-thinking cooperation with Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, which has seen the company incorporate cutting-edge technology like 5G. Titan.ium, a pioneer in core networking technology, is further demonstrating its dedication to advancing cutting-edge innovations from the lab to practical applications by joining the GSMA industry association.

Participating actively in the GSMA standards project for 5G SA roaming, Titan.ium and Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier demonstrate their commitment to the global deployment of these services. With products like Hosted SEPP and Outsourced SEPP, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier takes a security-by-design stance when it comes to roaming, allowing operators to effectively link roaming partners and oversee the deployment and management of 5G SA roaming.

With a broad portfolio that meets the changing demands of the telecom sector, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, the company’s worldwide wholesale segment, is well-known. With over 900 external clients worldwide as well as the overseas affiliates of the Deutsche Telekom Group, it would offer innovative solutions, vast networks, and all-encompassing security. It has over 25 years of expertise in this field.

Titan.ium Platform, on the other hand, is a pioneer in security software and services, subscriber data management, routing, and signaling. More than 180 businesses in more than 80 countries rely on their solutions, which would demonstrate their widespread reach and adaptability to accommodate any network or signaling protocol.