Deutsche Telekom Strategically Invests $25M in Israeli Cloud Startup

Deutsche Telekom

With a $25 million equity investment, Deutsche Telekom has increased its strategic investment in Teridion Technologies, solidifying its relationship with the Israeli company that offers multi-cloud wide area network (WAN) connection solutions. Israeli software startup Teridion was established in 2013 and currently employs 50 people.

Teridion Technologies and Deutsche Telekom have been collaborating since the beginning of 2022. Teridion provides Deutsche Telekom and its commercial clients with a distinctive virtual connection solution known as software-defined networking in the wide area network (SD-WAN). Businesses may dynamically create and use cloud-hosted connection using the Teridion Liquid Network in accordance with their demands, connecting their locations to cloud centers, applications, and supporting their staff from anywhere. Teridion has 500 Points-of-Presence (Pops) throughout the world and is installed on 25 different cloud providers to make this happen.

Yaron Ravkaie, CEO at Teridion Technologies
“Our unique Liquid Routing technology takes enterprise connectivity to the next level,” said Yaron Ravkaie, CEO at Teridion Technologies.

The Teridion SD-WAN system will do away with the necessity for complex physical network administration involving dispersed access nodes. Business clients manage their virtualized networks centrally. Thus, it would be simple to integrate sites, cloud applications, and the growing number of mobile employees into the corporate network, whether they work from home or at the company’s location. Corporate IT would become substantially more flexible as a result while administrative expenses can be decreased significantly.

“Our investment in Teridion is an important step from two perspectives: investing in this start-up is economically attractive. We are convinced that Teridion will grow being a leader in the cloud-based connectivity business,” said Srini Gopalan, Deutsche Telekom Board member for Germany and Managing Director Telekom Deutschland. “In addition, with Teridion’s product portfolio, we offer our customers the best connectivity currently available via the cloud. Business customers want to focus on their business and rely on optimal connectivity. They want it to be secure, agile, flexible and globally available – our partner’s portfolio delivers all of this.”

Enterprise Networks across Locations

Deutsche Telekom aims to enhance its global service offering by investing in Teridion and employing its product line. For business clients across the world, Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Premium Internet’ service now offers the setting up and running of corporate networks.

According to Deutsche Telekom, clients expect premium network quality from them with an end-to-end process chain, availability around the globe, and specified service level agreements (SLAs). In collaboration with Teridion, Deutsche Telekom claims to offer just this.

Matthias Budde, SVP of Group Strategy and Transformation at Deutsche Telekom, will join the board of directors of Teridion as a result of the transaction.

“Teridion is proud of the continuing confidence and growing partnership with Telekom. Our joint offering will deliver a decidedly different solution to the enterprise network space,” said Yaron Ravkaie, CEO at Teridion. “Our unique Liquid Routing technology takes enterprise connectivity to the next level. Our solution complements CSP’s capabilities in this space, providing cloud-based solutions, acting as a backbone and guarantees superior performance. We are excited that Telekom is our partner on this journey and believe our joint capabilities deliver a differentiated experience to Telekom’s customers.”