Developer Cloud Company DigitalOcean Announces New Compute Plans

Shiven Ramji_DigitalOcean, a global provider of cloud solutions for developers, has announced new pricing to deliver more memory, compute power and flexibility for customers at every price point. The offering would help businesses scale their deployments by providing high performance/high value and a flexible, predictable pricing model.

“When we launched the Droplet five years ago, we offered a price point and product to help developers deploy their workloads quickly and easily. Now, we are seeing their projects grow, with many of them using DigitalOcean in a large-scale production environment,” said Shiven Ramji, VP, Product at DigitalOcean. “While the rest of the market has offered complex discounts structured to force growth, we are focused on what our customers want most – a simple and predictable cloud pricing model that enables them to rapidly scale their businesses without overpaying for the resources and flexibility they need.”

Cloud Droplets

The new cloud pricing structure will encompass three classes of Droplets to address the needs of any application. It also includes future plans for per-second billing. DigitalOcean’s customers would be able to easily switch between classes or Droplet plans based on their unique needs.

  • Standard Droplets – Ideal for new applications that need a balanced amount of CPU and memory, the new Standard class would have upgraded memory and more local SSD storage.
  • Flexible Droplets – Unique to DigitalOcean, the Standard Class also includes three new flexible plans with varying combinations of memory and compute power so customers can find the best resource fit for new applications.
  • Optimized Droplets – Ideal for compute intensive production applications, this class would add more memory and local SSD storage to each Droplet. These “high CPU Droplets” are powered by dedicated hyper-threads from “best-in-class” physical CPUs.

Founded in 2012 with offices in New York and Cambridge, MA, DigitalOcean’s cloud solutions are designed to provide highly available, secured and scalable compute, storage and networking solutions that help developers build great software faster. All DigitalOcean’s new Droplet classes are available now through the DigitalOcean Cloud Control Panel and API. The company’s new-to-launch per-second billing will be available in the first half of 2018.