DevNet Certifications: New network, new demands, and the skills you need to stay ahead

David Mallory, Director and CTO for Cisco DevCX Labs & Training Delivery, reflects on the IT industry’s revolution since the birth of Cisco certifications, with specific regard to Cisco’s new DevNet Training and Certification program. Current and prospective IT professionals can use DevNet to validate the software skills required to work on advanced networks. David explains that the first to certify, including the DevNet Class of 2020, gain a competitive edge over the competition, not unlike the success and prestige that the first generation of CCIEs experienced.
In addition to validating your automation skills, learn more about the benefits of achieving a DevNet certification before the end of the year:

DevNet Certifications – Learn about our various certification levels, training, and certification requirements.

Join DevNet Community – Get all the latest details on upcoming events, developer tools, and connect with others in the Community.

DevNet Associate Essentials – This three-episode event is now on-demand. Learn everything about getting your DevNet Associate Certification, watch, and revisit!

DevNet Associate Exam Topics – Download this resource to review the topics covered in the DevNet Associate exam and use it to build your study plan.

DevNet Associate Fundamentals Course – Receive 50% off the course designed to accelerate your study with engaging associate-level learning opportunities, including hands-on labs, sandboxes, and more.

DevNet Associate Preparation Bundle – This bundle saves you 15% on everything you need to take your career to next level. The bundle includes the DEVASC course, exam review tool, and a 200-901 DEVASC exam voucher.

Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Guided Study Group – Join us for a new 8-week course that prepares you step-by-step for the exam alongside a community of like-minded learners.

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Publisher: Cisco
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