DevOps Accelerator JFrog Announces Availability of Its Artifactory SaaS Solution on Microsoft Azure

JFrog, a company that received $50 Million in funding at the beginning of 2016, operating its business from California, Israel and France, has announced availability of its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of JFrog Artifactory on Microsoft Azure.

JFrog Artifactory SaaS would offer DevOps teams a multitude of features that developers and DevOps engineers require including the most important, having complete control, insight, and management of your binaries throughout the software development lifecycle.

devopsArtifactory SaaS provides out-of-the box integration with all leading CI servers including Jenkins, CircleCI, TeamCity, Bamboo, and TFS; and support for an enormous number of repositories and package formats including Docker registries, CocoaPods, Chef, Puppet, Bower, Conan, Vagrant, Git LFS, PyPi, Debian, npm, RubyGems, RPM, Opkg, NuGet, PHP Composer, and many more.

JFrog Artifactory SaaS would provide REST APIs for release automation & deployment, LDAP authentication support, role based authorization, and the ability for developers to understand everything they need to know about their binaries associated with their builds through the use of Artifactory Query Language (AQL).

“Together with JFrog, we want to help companies develop software as fast as possible.” said Shelly Landsmann, GM of Microsoft Israel. “We understand the need to quickly develop, test, and deploy software and applications, and with JFrog Artifactory, we are providing global enterprises with a robust cloud computing service.”

JFrog’s customers include some of the world’s top brands, such as Amazon, Google, MasterCard, Netflix, Microsoft, CITI Bank,Cisco, Oracle, Adobe and VMware.

“Our customers care about rapid releases and reliable cloud infrastructure and the combination of JFrog Artifactory and Microsoft Azure addresses this exact need,” said Kit Merker, JFrog’s Vice President of Business Development. “No one wants just a single package repository; all of our customers expect one DevOps stop that supports their Docker, Debian or Maven packages, with this partnership they can run it on Azure’s powerful infrastructure” Merker also added “We are committed to making DevOps available to everyone, everywhere and our new partnership with Microsoft Azure is a great milestone in this roadmap.”

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