Diagnose and solve problems with Azure API Management | Azure Friday

Khaled Zayed joins Scott Hanselman to show how to troubleshoot availability, performance, and policy issues in your API Management service using API Management Diagnostics.

0:00 – Introduction
3:43 – Demo: Troubleshooting Availability and Performance
7:49 – Demo: Troubleshooting Gateway Performance
11:59 – Demo: Troubleshooting API Policies
13:54 – Wrap-up

◉ Azure API Management Diagnostics overview – https://aka.ms/azfr/673/01
◉ Azure API Management – https://aka.ms/azfr/673/02
◉ Architect API integration in Azure – https://aka.ms/azfr/673/03
◉ Get API analytics in Azure API Management – https://aka.ms/azfr/673/04
◉ Create a free account (Azure) – https://aka.ms/azfr/673/free

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Duration: 00:15:28
Publisher: Microsoft Azure
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