Digital 9 Buys Finnish Data Center Services Firm Ficolo for 135M Euros

Ficolo data center

Digital 9 Infrastructure will buy data center services company Taaleri Datacenter Ky which operates Ficolo for roughly 135 million euros. Ficolo is a data center colocation and hybrid cloud services provider founded in 2011. It operates data centers in Helsinki, Pori, and Tampere in Finland.

Taaleri Datacenter Ky is a 2018 co-investment that has put its money into Ficolo. The co-investment gives investors a 2.4x return on their money.

Ficolo provides colocation, connectivity and hybrid cloud services to a diversified Finnish and international customer base, with large IT/cybersecurity corporate clients and with minimal churn. The acquisition is likely to finalize in the third quarter, pending permission from Finland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.

“We are very pleased to have found a great new owner for Ficolo. Ficolo is an excellent company that grew significantly during Taaleri Datacenter’s ownership,” said Peter Ramsay, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Taaleri that sold its stake in Ficolo. “The company achieved a strong market position, which attracted a high level of international interest in the company during the transaction process. We are also very pleased that our co-investors’ return on their capital will be approximately 2.4 times due to a highly successful exit.”

Green Data Centers

Photo Jack Waters, Chairman of Digital 9 Infrastructure
“The acquisition of Ficolo, with its significant expansion potential, is another important step in D9’s ambition to decarbonize the data center industry,” said Jack Waters, Chairman of Digital 9 Infrastructure.

Ficolo’s revenue has more than quadrupled to around 13 million euros during the investment period of Taaleri and the other primary owner Pontos, while the firm has bought two data centers and invested more than 30 million euros in its data centers.

As a data center and cloud services platform based in Finland, Ficolo’s cutting-edge infrastructure spans three data center campuses. It claims to be industry-leading in terms of energy efficiency and environmental credentials, with 100 percent renewable energy and excess heat sent to district heating networks.

“Our data center strategy is focused on identifying strategic locations that are suitable based on their level of connectivity and access to renewable energy,” said Jack Waters, Chairman of Digital 9 Infrastructure. “The acquisition of Ficolo, with its significant expansion potential, is another important step in D9’s ambition to decarbonize the data center industry. Ficolo adds to our portfolio of Nordic data centers and represents some of the cleanest, lowest carbon footprint data centers globally.”

The acquisition would strengthen D9’s position in the Nordic data center industry. It fulfills D9’s ecologically sustainable data center strategy, which focuses on relocating energy-intensive processing of rising data sets to the Nordics in order to provide green data center solutions in a geographically advantageous location. D9 anticipates significant synergies as a result of incorporating Ficolo into its existing portfolio.

“Together with Ficolo, D9 now how has one of the premier pan-European authentically green data center portfolios, benefiting from the less volatile, less carbon-intensive green energy supplies of the Nordics,” said Thor Johnsen, Head of Digital Infrastructure at Triple Point Investment Management. “Transitioning data center services to our green data center portfolio is not just a question of improving sustainability, but also benefiting from lower cost and less volatile power prices. The combined portfolio’s long track record of high-quality operations across the Nordics provides a significant growth opportunity to continue to invest and monetize capacity to local and international customers.”